Jaylen Hoo-Sang
Recreational & Competitive Instructor
Hip Hop

Jaylen Hoo-Sang

As a professional dancer for the past 11 years, Jaylen Hoo Sang has been involved in the dance community since the young age of 15. Jaylen is currently the director of three teams: The Compound, Fraud Unit, and Limitless Compound, who are the 2018 & 2019 BYOB High School champions under the choreography and guidance of Jaylen.


He has been consistently performing all across the GTA, the highlight of which was a performance at the MMVA's last summer. He is constantly dedicating himself to creating a positive and passionate environment for people to learn and push each other.


His favourite thing about teaching is exchanging energy with the younger generation. It inspires his creativity and it helps the kids a lot. He loves giving his students an outlet for their creative energy with his guidance and just creating something the world may have never seen before.

”There’s nothing wrong with fear; the only mistake is to let it stop you in your tracks.”

– Twyla Tharp