Liam Dunn
Competitive Instructor

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Liam began his teaching journey in his hometown of Ottawa in 2010 when he became a gymnastics coach at age 16. Initially only teaching 5-6-year-olds, he quickly expanded and was teaching children of all ages; from toddlers accompanied by their parents to teenagers. As the age of the children Liam taught expanded, so too did his knowledge and his ability in gymnastics.


Graduating from St. Lawrence College's Music Theatre Performance Program in 2015, Liam has studied Jazz, Tap, and Ballet, along with various other dance styles. Moving to Toronto after graduating in 2015, he began learning and improving in even more styles of movement, including martial arts, tricking, and parkour.


Liam is excited to be teaching acro/tumbling with Gotta Dance this year and hopes to continue improving and growing along with sharing the knowledge gained!

“Let’s have fun while we work towards our goals.”